CFDA - Latoia Fitzgerald on the Star-Studded Lionne Runway Debut

CFDA - Latoia Fitzgerald on the Star-Studded Lionne Runway Debut

A new talent made her mark on the city of Los Angeles this week with a debut collection that is firmly cementing her spot on the fashion map.

Stars like Karreuche, La La Anthony, James Harden, and Jhené Aiko all showed up at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre for designer Latoia Fitzgerald’s first runway show for her Lionne label – and she did not disappoint.

Inspired by the creative legacy of Black and Brown people, the collection was the ultimate anthem of female empowerment. A mix of tailored suiting and sexy cutout dresses were complimented by cargo pants and oversized denim jackets.

Brought to life by a cast of all-star models, including Slick Woods and Duckie Thot, Fitzgerald is clearly one to watch. We caught with the Phiadelphia-born, LA-based designer after the show to hear more about the experience.

How do you feel after your first runway show? 

I can’t even explain how I feel. There’s so many emotions but overall happiness and overwhelming love seeing all the support I’ve been receiving from everyone, especially the guest turnout. I am so grateful for my team, seeing how happy they were to see the results from the show brought me joy. It all just feels so great!

Why did you feel now was the right time to make your runway debut? 

It just felt like the right time! Looking at where the brand has developed to today and with the amount of celebrities currently wearing the brand, I felt like now was the time to have my first show. It was also my birthday the following day so what a way to bring it in!

You had some serious star power in the audience as well! What did it mean to have the support from your friends and community? 

I was honestly shocked by the amount of support I’ve received. The people that came out to support, the people that naturally see it for me and the brand and their reaction to the collection. It was unbelievable! To know that Karrueche cried as well as other friends—it just felt amazing to see the genuine support and how super happy they were for me. I don’t think I’ve fully digested it yet.

What did it mean to have your son with you for the finale walk? 

I love this question! It really meant a lot. Every article has been stating “Latoia Fitzgerald and her son, Dillon.” And it was actually his idea. He asked me if he can walk with me and I’m so happy he did because it made the moment even more special. I loved that he wasn’t scared and confidently said “I’m a do it”. Also, to be able to let him witness all the hard work to put on the show and actually see how beautiful the show turned out and the people that came out to support. I’m just so happy he was able to be there and be a part of it all.